The District Administration places on record the tremendous and timely help rendered by the local fishermen who used their boats to rescue the victims during and immediately after the Tsunami attack on 26/12/2004. We also sincerely thank the officers of KSRTC and other private vehicle owners for rendering valuable support to the district administration by evacuating the people from the coastal areas during the disaster time and when ever there were warnings of Tsunami attack on the subsequent days.

We also thank the local hospitals that have housed the dead bodies for some time by lending their valuable space. We also thank them for treating the victims.

Many other generous donors have contributed in kind and cash for the benefit of the hapless Tsunami victims and the district administration gratefully acknowledges their contribution. All the items provided by the donors have been very properly distributed and the details have been incorporated in the Tsunami Cards arranged by the District Administration to ensure accountability.

The press has helped the district administration by playing a very responsible role during the crucial period. All the press releases, pertaining to the relief and rehabilitation operations, that were released from Collector’s office, even during late hours, were promptly published and given due importance.

The District Administration also sincerely acknowledges the services rendered by the Managements of the various schools that have made available their school buildings and other facilities for housing the relief camps.
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