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The Collector is the Chief Executive Officer of the District . Through the District Officials of the various Departments are under the immediate control of the representatives head of the Departments, the Collector exercises the general supervision over them in regard to their non-technical work. On matters of general policy the decision of the District Collector is final in case of any difference of opinion between him and a District Officer. The Collector inspects all important offices and works undertaken in the District. In spite of the immense power vested in him the Collector really restricts his inspection work to the following offices, viz., the Revenue Offices, the Police Stations, Educational Offices and Schools, Panchayat, registration Offices, Excise and Sales Tax Offices, Hospitals and Dispensaries, Agricultural Offices, Veterinary Offices and Dispensaries.

In his office the District Collector, Kollam, is assisted by a staff consisting of 5 Deputy Collectors, a Sheristadar, a Tahsildar, a Senior Superintendent,  3 Confidential Assistants, 2 Head Clerks, 18 Junior Superintendent, 63 Upper Division Clerks, 26 Lower Division Clerks, 20 Typists, 5 Drivers, an Attender and 39 Peons.

Sections - Subjects
Section Name Charge Officer Seats
Establishment Section Deputy Collector (Gen.)./ADM E1,E2,E3,E4,S1,S4
Accounts Section Deputy Collector (Gen.)/ADM A1,A2,A3,A4,A5,A6,A7,A11
N Section Deputy Collector (Gen)/ADM N2,N3,N4,N5,N6,N7
M Section Deputy Collector (Gen)/ADM M1,M3,M7
ML Section Deputy Collector (Gen)/ADM M2,M4,M5,M8
LA Section Deputy Collector (LA) LA1,LA2,La3,La4,LA5,LA6,La7,LA11
LR Section Deputy Collector (LR) L1,L2,L3,L4,L5,L6,L7,L8,L9,L10,L11
R Section Deputy Collector (RR) R1,R2,R3,R4,R5,R6,R7,R8,R9,R10,R11,R12,R13
Housing Section Deputy Collector (Housing) H1,H3,H4
Finance Section Finance Officer F1,F2,F3,F4,F5,F6,F7,F8
Election Section Deputy Collector (Election) EL1,EL2,EL3
Inspection & Audit Tahsildar (Inspection)  
Suit Cell Tahsildar (Suit Cell)  
Seat Subject in detail

Establishment Section
Charge Officer - Dep. Collector (Gen.)./ADM     Supervision : Huzur Sheristadar

E1 Transfer and Postings of Village Officer, LD Clerk, Head Clerk, General Correspondence of their service matters etc. Departmental promotion Committee/Appointment of APPs. Maintenance of incumbents register of all categories of staff in LR Establishment such as LD Clerk/VO/HC/RI. Special recruitment of SC/ST's and physically handicapped hands/office order.
E2 Preparation of seniority list of LGS, attenders, chainman etc.  Establishment transfer and posting of Village Man and Drivers, Contigents employees and LGS etc. Recruitment of SCand ST in the post of LGS, sanction of Higher Grade to VO / VA / LGS / VM / Driver / Attender / Chainman,  Reservation of Guest House.
E3 Maintenance of Attendance Registers, Casual Leave Register, ADC and Deputy Collectors holiday  duty register, quarters allotment, Taking building on hire for Govt. purposes, Punching System Monitoring etc.
E4 Transfer and posting of UDC/SVO, Deputy Tahsildars/Junior Supdt., Probation declaration of LDC/VO/Typist/LGS/Chowkidars/Attenders etc. Transfer and posting of Surveyors/Draft's man.
S1 Papers relating to Departmental NOC to Gov. Servants, Extension of stay of Foreigners etc., Nationality Certificate - purchase and disposal of landed properties, Haj Pilgrimage, Verification of character and antecedents of candidates selected for appointment in Central Service Bank etc. Allotment of Vehicle/Issue of certificate of Gift Articles.
S3 Disciplinary action for major and minor penalties, appeals against disciplinary proceedings, Implementation committee of DIR MISA Dress Censorship etc.
S4 Governor's tour - visit of VIPs, Celebration of Independence day and Republic Day, all Boat races, National Festivals. Sale of TB seals Children's day festivals, sale of communal Harmony Flags / Human Resources committee - Correspondence relating to elimination of child labour, death of higher dignitaries, sanctioning of leave other than casual leave to GOs/Taluk Sabha Mass Contact/ Processing of application for appointment under compassionate employment scheme.

Accounts Section
Charge Officer - Dep. Collector (Gen.)./ADM     Supervision : Junior Superintendent (A Section)

A1 Cash Book, Aquittance Roll, Permanent Advance Register, Treasury Bill Book, Chalan files, LPC register increment register, TR receipts books family, Benefit Scheme and salary Recovery.
A2 Prepartion of bills of part-time contigent employees. Preparation of contingent bills and temporary establishment and related arrear bill.
A3 Preparation of Pay bills, Head NGO of Collectorate arrear bills surrender of leave salary bills, GPF loan and assisting A1 seat in payment of cash.
A4 Maintenance of the service books of part time contingent employees, sanctioning of GPF, medical reimbursement etc. Maintenance of the service books of all Gazetted Officers and Part Time Sweepers , Sanctioning of Higher Grade of LDC/UDC/Head Clerk/RI/DT and LD Typist. Sanctioning Freedom Fighters Pension to the legal heirs of the original pensioners (State and Central)
A5 Maintenance of records, furniture library, stationary articles, Rain Gauge Station details.
A6 All papers relating to maintenance of departmental vehicles and Fuel Charge, maintenance of service book of all employees except GO's.
A7 Preparation of seniority list of Village assistants, Village Officers, UD Clerk, Head Clerks and deputy Tahsildars and Tahsildars. House building advance, advance to Class IV employees.
A11 FBS, GIS preparation of TA bill, adjustment of arrear etc.

N Section
Charge Officer - Dep. Collector (Gen.)./ADM>     Supervision : Junior Superintendent (N Section)

N2 Freedom Fighters pension scheme
Financial Assistance to freedom fighters
Motor conveyance Advance.
Collector's conference Tour diary of District Collector.
TA/DA to DAC members of Freedom Fighters, KSRTC bus pass, Medical identity card.
N3 Natural Calamity - Financial Assistance to the Victims of Natural Calamity, General papers related to Flood Relief works, Administrative Sanction, issuing payment orders.
N4 Chief Ministers Distress Relief Fund Collection. Financial assistance to men of arts and letters in indigent circumstances solvency paper suits appeal under unemployment assistance, Zainik Welfare, Fund distribution.
N5 Financial assistance to poor widow's daughters marriage.  Kerala Special Pension Scheme for physically handicapped person, financial assistance to TB patients, Financial assistance to Leprosy and Cancer patients.  Circus Artists pension scheme. Pension to member of EF, NMBS, NFBS, NOAP
N6 Tour programme of collector, Drought Relief work, Scheme for solarium fund, Tour diaries of sub officers, Cycle advance.
N7 Chief Ministers D.R.F. in respect of three Taluks Kollam, Karunagappally and Kottarakkara.
Paper related to Motor Accident.

M Section
Charge Officer - Dep. Collector (Gen.)./ADM     Supervision : Junior Superintendent (M Section)

M1 Appointment of stamp vendar, payment of death compensation to the legal heirs who died abroad, autoriksha complaints.
M3 Arms Act - Issue of Arms license under Indian Arms Act 1959, potassium chlorate (Match Factory) license No. form No.XII and dealers license in Form No.XIII and all papers relating to Indian Arms Act.
M7 Explosive Act and Rules - Issue of fresh licences and renewal of licences - Petroleum Act - NOC and issue of licence of license for storage of Kerosene above 10000 litres and census.

ML Section
Charge Officer - Dep. Collector (Gen.)./ADM     Supervision : Junior Superintendent (ML Section)

M2 Original Suit files of other departmental appeal and revisions sessions court criminal appeal / appointment of Government Pleaders and payment of Advocate fees etc.  Papers relating to Burial Ground, Monopoly procurement of raw cashew / MACT cases /  Legal and to poor / Appointment of special public prosecutors.
M4 Kerala Marine Fisheries Act (excepting trolling), enquiring on allegations against Police Officers.  Accommodation and rent control Act. Welfare of serving personal.  Atrocities in SC/ST Act. Indian Electricity Act / Premature release of prisoners / private property dispute.
M5 Excise and Prohibition orders.  Cashew Factories taken over by Government / Law and Order / Labour Dispute / Agriculture Labour Dispute / Enquiry for the transfer of dependents of Militiary personnel / Husk, Lime shell colelction for lime stone and husk control order / Distress warrant  / 15 point programme Law officers conference / prohibition of begging.
M6 All certificates, Kottarakkara, Pathanapuram, Kunnathur verification of certificates subject not specifically assigned to a particular seat , Staff selection commission, Charitable societies Act. Apprehension Role of Military Personnel.
M8 All certificates - verification of certificates subjects not specifically assigned to a particular seat, staff selection commission / Charitable Societies Act / Charitable Societies Act, Miscellaneous items..
M9 All papers related to Traffice improvement and Road Safety. Papers related to hospital development committee and blindness control society. Meetings of the committees in which the district Collector is the Chairman and related correspondence.

L.A. Section
Charge Officer - Deputy Collector (LA)    Supervision : Junior Superintendent (LA Section)

LA1 Land Acquisition papers relating to the defunct office of the (LA) KIP No.VI, Kottarakkara, VII Kundara and LAR cases in above Land Acquisition cases - Railways LA I and II - pre-award action.
LA2 General correspondence on Land Acquisition, KIP project advisory, Conference of the Special Tahsildars of KIP etc., Land Acquisition relating to KSEB, Kerala Housing Board, IRE,  Acquisition LAR etc of IRE Chavara. Issue of Land Value certificate.
LA3 General Land Acquisition relating to Pathanapuram, Kottarakkara, Kunnathur and Karunagappally Taluk, papers relating to RPL, Acquisition of Inland Waterways and connected LAR cases.
LA4 Land Acquisition papers relating to the Special Tahsildar (LA, KIP No.II Kottarakkara, KIP No.I Kollam) and LR cases
LA5 Land Acquisition papers relating to the Special Tahsildar (LA) No.II, Adoor No.IV, Adoor No. XI Kottiyam and LAR cases.
LA6 General Land Acquisition of Kollam Taluk including for Perumon Refractory and LAR cases.
LA7 Land Acquisition papers relating to Special Tahsildar (LA) KIP No.V Punalur and residuary work of the abolished LA NH office Kollam.
LA11 Land Acquisition papers relating to Special Tahsildar (LA ) No. KIP No. VIII Sasthamcottah and No.IX Karunagappally and connected LA cases

LR Section
Charge Officer - Deputy Collector (LR)     Supervision : Junior Superintendent (LR Section)

L1 All papers relating to assignment and lease of Govt. lands, in respect of Kottarakkara Taluk, KMMC rules. Miscellaneous papers and periodicals relating to Land assignment appeal and revision, LA Suits respect to Kottarakkara Taluk.
Papers relating to issue of NOC for dimension and decoration stones. Despatch of monthly progress statement of LA work.
L2 All papers relating to assignment of land and lease of Government land in respect of municipal area, general papers relating to lease of land, papers relating to land conservancy subject of Kollam Taluk area, all papers relating to transfer of land in respect of Kollam and Pathanapuram Taluks.
L3 All papers relating to assingnment of Government land, lease, license, LA appeal and revision, in repect of Kollam Taluk (Except Municipal area) and Kunnathur Taluk and connected papers.
L4 Land Assignment and lease in respect of Pathanapuram Taluk (except Municipal area) and all papers relating to forest land, KST, ACT. All papers relating to assignment of Government land lease, license. LA appeal revision, LA suits in respect of Pathanapuram and files relating to Forest land.
L5 Collection of sand from Kallada & Ithikkara river, papers relating to Land Conservancy and transferred of registry in respect of Karunagappally and Pathanapuram Taluk areas.  General papers regarding Land conservancy, Transfer of registry and periodical statements relating to that subject.  All papers relating eviction of encroachment and LC revision in respect of Karunagappally and Pathanapuram Taluks.  All papers relating to collection of river sand in Kollam District and Land Management policy.  All miscellaneous papers relating to Land Conservancy, Tansfer of Registry and periodical relating to that subjects.
L6 All papers relating to Land conservancy of Kottarakkara, Kunnathur Taluks and Transfer of registry in respect of Kottarakkara, Kunnathur and Kollam Taluks.  Assignment and lease of Goverment land in respect of Karunagappally Taluk.
LC and PV revision of Kottarakkara and Kunnathur. All periodicals relating to surplus land papers relating to special Tahsildar (LR) and Land assignment relating to Karunagappally Taluk.
L7 Bench Clerk of TLB, Kottarakkara, Kunnathur and Karunagappally.
All papers in connection with the ceiling cases in respect of Taluk Land Board of Pathanapuram, Kottarakkara and Karunagappally Taluk.
L8 Distribution of Surplus Land.
All papers relating to the assignment of surplus land (Including distribution of surplus land) resumed by Government under KLR Act.  All papers relating to the restoration of alienated land allotted to scheduled castes.  Papers relating to KLR Act and Rules.  Papers relating to miscellaneous items under KLR Act and Rules.  Works relating taken over of surplus land interim of surplus land taken over by government.
L9 Periodical relating to Purchase Price, DD Account details annually, Annual Statement relating to Land Department.
L10 Devaswom Pattayam periodicals relating to CR matters.
L11 KLR Act cealing cases of Pathanapuram Taluk Bench Clerk, Periodicals statements related to cealing cases, KLU periodicals.

R Section
Charge Officer - Deputy Collector (RR)     Supervision : Junior Superintendent (R Section)

R1 Annual administration report, joint verification of Ayacutt and irrigation cases and connected periodicals. Action u/s 65 KRR Act - Bifurcation of Villages, Administrative reforms/Revision of Land Tax, Plantation Tax and connected correspondence.
R2 Issue of Revenue Recovery Certificate in respect of all miscellaneous in Kollam, Kunnathur, Kottarakkara Taluks.  Other than Bank Loan, Sales tax and Agriculture income Tax. KSFE, KFC and other institutions.
R3 Issue of Revenue Recovery Certificate in respect of all Bank Loans of Kollam, Pathanapuram, and Kunnathur Taluks.
R4 Issue of Revenue Recovery Certificates in respect of Sales Tax and Agricultural Income Tax.  All request for stay and installment.
R10 Building Tax, Solvency ascertaining.
R11 RRC of miscellaneous, All blocks in Karunagappally and Pathanapuram Taluks.  Installment of RR dues issued by District Collector.
R12 Revenue Recovery Certificate of B/C.  All Blocks in Kottarakkara, Karunagappally.  Installment of Revenue Recovery dues
R13 All suits relating to miscellaneous, Revenue Recovery items in Kollam Taluk.
RR Seciton
Charge Officer - Deputy Collector (RR)     Supervision : Junior Superintendent (RR Section)
R5 DCB Statement, relating to Revenue Recovery conference, Resource Committee meeting.  Periodical statement relating to the collection of LR and RR items.
R6 Miscellaneous petitions and correspondence relating to Revenue Recovery matters.
R7 OP's and suits on Revenue Recovery and related matters, Bank loan and fisheries related papers.
R8 OP's and suits related to Sales Tax and Agricultural Income Tax.
R9 Suit relating to miscellaneous items respect to Kottarakkara, Kunnathur and Pathanapuram Taluk.
Housing Seciton
Charge Officer - Deputy Collector (LA)     Supervision : Junior Superintendent (H Section)
H1 All papers relate to the purchase and distribution of land under the scheme.  Provision of House site to landless workers in the Rural Area.  Purchase of land for housing Complex under Rajeev One Lakh House Scheme.  Regularisation of unauthorised construction of building.
H3 Audit files related to Rehabilation Housing Scheme phase I, II, III, IV Kairali and Flood.  All correspondence related to the above.
H4 Papers related to the construction of Village Office/Village Office Record Rooms under Model Village Scheme.  MIGH/LIGH Release deed in all Taluks.  DCB Statement under LIGH/MIGH/VHP, RWHS schemes.  Obtaining of funds and maintenance of all items of accounts related to rehabilitation Housing Schemes.  All correspondence related to the Audit cases.

Finance Section
Charge Officer - Finance Officer     Supervision : Junior Superintendent (F Section)

F1 Clearance of Accountant General's Inspection report on LR Offices including Collectorate, RDO Office, Taluk Office and all Special Offices.  Reconciliation of miscellaneous, Local Heads.
F2 Preparation of budget allotment of funds, appropriation of accounts and reconciliation of monthly accounts in respect of NSAP and the social security pension schemes such as  2235-191-50 (NOAP Scheme), 2235-60-191-47 (NOAP State Scheme), 2235-02-191-50, 2210-02-191-47, 2210-02-800-91, 2210-01-800-97.
Audit of loan files relating to LIGH/MIGH etc. in respect of all Taluks except the Villages assigned for audit in F4 and F8 seat.
F3 Preparation of Budget, Allotment of funds, appropriation of accounts and reconciliation of monthly accounts in respect of the head of account viz. 2209-101-97, 2029-102-95, 2029-103-98, 2029-103-99, 2029-800-86, 2029-102, 4059-01-051-96, 5475-0-201-95, 2216-03-102-99. Reconciliation work for the accounts of mining area welfare fund board and work assigned from F2 seat.
F4 Preparation of Budget allotment of funds, appropriation accounts and reconciliation of monthly accounts in respect of the head of account related to the Land Board such as 3475, 2029, 2506, 2049, 6003.
Preparation of Budget and reconciliation of accounts of receipt head of Land Board viz. 1475-OGES.
Clearance of inspection notes of Internal audit wing of the Commissionerate, LR and the Finance Officer to District Collector in respect of Officer coming under the District Revenue Establishment.
Clearance of Acountant General's Audit objection of Revenue Department.
Audit of Loan file relating to LIGH/MIGH etc. for the purpose of releasing of original records in respect of the Villages - Parippally, Perinad, Sakthikulangara, Thrikkadavoor, Vadakkevila, Munroe Island.
F5 Preparation of Budget, allotment of funds, appropriation of accounts and reconciliation of monthly accounts in respect of various sub heads coming under the major head 2053-District Administration such as: 2053-00093-99, 2053-00-094-99, 2053-00-094-98, 2053-00-00-094-91, 2053-00-094-98, 2053-00-094-83, 2053-00-094-91, 2053-00-094-66, 2216-80-001-98, 2011, 0049
F6 Preparation of Budget, allotment of funds, appropriation accounts and reconciliation of monthly accounts in respect of the head of account 2029-00-101-99.
Preparation of Budget and reconciliation on monthly accounts of receipt heads such as 0029-Land Revenue,  0035-Building Tax,  0049-Interest Receipts,  055-104-01-Receipts under Arms Act.,  0070-60-103-01-Receipts under Explosives Act.,  0070-800-27-Reimbursement from KMML.,  0070-60-800-45-Reimbursement from CPWD,  007-60-800-45-Reimbursement from IRE etc.,  0071-01-001-04-Leave Salary and pension contribution under rule 156 KSR PARI-I,  0075-101-Unclaimed deposits,  0075-105-Sale of Land and Property,  0250800-12-Receipts from markets,  0250-800-12-Receipt from Familiy Relief operations,  0250-800-13-Receipt from Lift Irrigation,  0720-01-102-Receipt from Petroleum Act,  4885 etc.
Reconciliation of all miscellaneous loan heads except that of housing such as that coming under the following major heads etc. 6235, 6401, 6402, 6425, 7615, 8550-102-01/103-01.
F7 Preparation of budget, allotment of funds appropriation of accounts and reconciliation of monthly accounts in respect of  various subheads.
F8 Audit of accounts of LR Offices, Internal Audit Wing - nucleus section, assisting the Finance Officer to conduct Internal Audit of accounts of sub offices and other offices including Nirmithi Kendra, Dhanwanthari, DTPC, Bala Bhavan etc., Allotment of Funds, appropriation of accounts and reconciliation of accounts under SCA toSCP and western Ghat Development programme, Audit of Loan files relating to LIGH/HIGH in respect of the villages : Eravipuram, Elampalloor, Kollam, Kilikolloor, Mayyanad, Meenad, Mundakkal, Mulavana.

Election Section
Charge Officer - Deputy Collector (Election)     Supervision : Junior Superintendent (E Section)

EL1 General Election to Lok Sabha / LA Intensive revision of electoral roll / Identity Card / Election Expenditure of Funds Reconciliation.
EL2 Maintenance of accounts of Stationery / Distribution of forms / Registers and Polling materials.
El3 All papers relating to Election to Local Bodies.
Inspection and Suit Cell
Charge Officer - Tahsildar (Suit)     Supervision : Junior Superintendent (Suit)
  Sections dealing with Inspection and Suit pending with different courts
Audit Cell
Charge Officer
- Senior Superintendent  (Audit)     Supervision : Junior Superintendent (Audit)
  Sections dealing with Internal Audit of different offices in the district.


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