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District Rural Development Agency (DRDA)
District Rural Development Agency (DRDA) is an autonomous body registered under Travancore Cochin Literary Scientific and Charitable Societies Act XII of 1955.District Collector is the Executive Director and a Dy.Dev.Commissioner of the Rural Dev.Dept. is the project officer of the Agency. The Officer of the Agency is accommodated at the 3rd floor of the K.S.F.E building at Chinnakkada.

Centrally Sponsored Schemes Such as SGSY, SGRY, PMGSY, IAY are implemented through Panchayaths under guidance and supervision of DRDA

Contact Telephone No: 0474 2747801, 0474 2743738
Rural Development Schemes

S.G.S.Y is the succession to the IRDP with certain modifications, came into existence from 1/4/99. This is a holostic programme for families below the poverty line covering all aspects of self employment such as organisation of the poor into SHGs, training, credit, technology, infrastructure and marketing.

The scheme is funded by Central and State Government in the ratio 75:25. The scheme provides self employment opportunities to families below poverty line by giving subsidy and credit. The subsidy is met by Government and credit by banks. Group activities are given preference and majority of the funding will be for SHGs. Grama Sabha will authenticate list of families below the poverty line identified in the BPL Census.

Subsidy under SGSY will be uniform at 30% of the project cost subject to a maximum of Rs. 7500/-. In respect of SC/STs, however the subsidy will be 50% subject to a maximum of Rs. 10000/-. For groups of Swarosgaris (SHGs) the subsidy would be at 50% of the project cost of the scheme subject to the ceiling of Rs. 1.25 Lakh and per family subsidy shall not exceed Rs. 10000/-. There will be no monitory limit on subsidy for minor irrigation projects. The subsidy will be back ended.

To provide wage employment, infrastructural development and food security in the rural areas the Hon'ble Prime Minister of India announced on 15th August 2001, launching of an ambitious new scheme is implemented in two streams i.e.. First stream and second stream.

SGRY-First Stream

40% of the funds and food grains under the First stream will be utilised by the District Panchayat.60% of the funds and food grains will be allocated among the block panchayats based on the SC/ST population and their population the respective Block Panchayats. Works will be taken as per the annual action plan approved by the Panchayat samithis.22.5% of the resources released to the Districts Panchayat and the Block Panchayats shall be utilised for individuals work for SC/STs.

The following works shall not be taken under the program.
  • Building for religious purposes such as Temples, Church, Mosque etc
  • Monuments, Memorials, Statues, Arch Gate
  • Bridge
  • Building for higher secondary schools
  • Black topping of roads
  • Building for colleges
SGRY-Second Stream

    The Second stream of the SGRY will be implemented by Grama Panchayat. The entire resources under the second stream would be distributed among the Grama Panchayats.
   Minimum 50% of the allocation to the Grama Panchayat shall be utilised for the improvement of the infrastructure facilities in SC/ST habitation under the second stream of SGRY. Grama Panchayath may spend up to a maximum of 7.5% of the annual allocation of funds or rs7500/ which ever is less during a year on the administration and for technical consultancy

All works that results in the creation of durable community assets can be taken up under the program as per the felt needs of the area. The following works shall not be taken under the program.
  • Building for religious purposes such as Temples, Church, Mosque etc
  • Monuments, Memorials, Statues, Arch Gate
  • Bridge
  • Building for higher secondary schools
  • Black topping of roads
  • Building for colleges

Pradhan Mantri Gram Sadak Yojana (PMGSY) is intended to provide road connectivity through all weather roads to all rural habitations with a population of more than 500 persons by the year 2007.This is a 100% centrally sponsored scheme. Under this scheme the primary focus will be on providing connectivity to unconnected habitation in a district. Priority would be given to providing road connectivity but means of all weather roads of desired specifications to unconnected habitations having a population of 1000 persons or more.

This is a scheme launched during 1985-86 as a sub scheme of RLEGP. The scheme is funded by the Central and state Government in the ratio 75:25. It is implemented through Block Panchayaths. There are three components under this scheme.
  • I A Y (New Houses)
  • I A Y (Upgradation)
  • Credit Cum Subsidy Scheme
IAY (New Houses)

Under IAY (New Houses) assistance are given to construct houses to families belongings to SC/ST and rural poor. Selection of beneficiaries are done by Grama Sabhas. Not less than 60% of the beneficiaries families shall be SC/ST. Each beneficiary shall be given Rs. 22000/- as assistance for construction of houses. No type design is insisted. However a house having not less than 20 sq.mtr. and a sanitary latrine shall be constructed utilising the assistance. A family belonging to poverty line and having not less than 2 cents of land is eligible to apply for assistance under the scheme.

IAY (Upgradation)

Under IAY (Upgradation) 10,000/- is granted to poor families who are living in houses of dilapidated condition. This amount has to be utilised for renovation of the houses. The selection of beneficiary are done by Grama Sabhas. Not less than 60% of the beneficiary families shall be SC/ST.

Credit Cum-Subsidy Scheme

This is a scheme intended to give assistance for construction of houses to poor families who were not come under BPL list. Families who are having an income above Rs.32000/- per year is not eligible to get assistance under this scheme. Under this scheme Rs.. 10,000/- is given as subsidy and Rs. 40,000/- is given as loan by financial institution. The selection of beneficiaries is done through Grama Sabha. Maximum efforts shall be taken to give assistance to families belonging to SC/ST.


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